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Get Lost

Luke 19:10

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

The word lost is such a beautiful word.

Not in every context, but in this one it is magnificent.

Now, before you think me crazy or mean, I promise it is a well-meaning craziness.

Most uses of the word lost, in scripture, talks about coming wrath. But not in this text.

I once had a man in our rehabilitation program who was certain he was better than everyone else.

He thought that since he had been sober longer than the other guys, he was more spiritual.

He thought it was his own effort and ability that made him righteous and better.

Jesus wasn’t looking for this man, according to this passage, and others, like Ezekiel 34:16:

I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak, and the fat and the strong I will destroy. I will feed them in justice.

Until we realize our lostness and inability, we are not in the position of those Christ came looking for.

He came to seek and save the LOST.

Makes sense why he was so hard on the Pharisees.

They thought they had it all together.

They didn’t think themselves lost or sick.

Jesus did not die in spite of us.

It was precisely BECAUSE of our lostness that he died.

He says he came to SEEK the lost.

Are you lost?

Lost without him?

Lost in where to go, what to do, what to say?

Or do you think, “if I can just do this one more thing, make this extra bit of financial gain, quit this one obstacle, I will be fine and able to faithfully follow.”

You will wear out quickly, friend!

Ever get exhausted from trying so hard to be a “good Christian?”

Ever sit in church service hoping to “really get it this time” only to go back to all of your old ways?

Ever feel like every time you try and do right, you end up taking 2 steps back?

I think maybe it’s time to acknowledge your lostness and rest in His finished work and not your own!

Recognizing your own lostness puts you right in the perfect place to be found, since Christ is “seeking and saving” the lost.

Put yourself, right now, today in His sights by confessing you are lost without Him!

Even you, believers.

Do you think that after you came to faith, it was all you and your efforts from then on?

In Hebrews 12:2, God is not only the author, but is also the FINISHER of your faith!

Rest in Christ now and give up the struggle!

Praise God for letting me find myself lost!!


My name is Adam Casey. I am a counselor at a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in North Alabama. Day after day, for hours at a time, I am sitting with men who have seen (and done) some terrible things. Through these counseling sessions, personal struggles, and teaching classes on how Christ is the answer to recovery and reconciliation, many revelatory epiphanies have emerged. All of which are what inspire this blog. I am fully aware of my depravity and certain ability for flaw so make sure to test everything you read here with the word of God. Also, feel free to  write and respond. I love your feedback.

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