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Purposeful Disasters

You, brother and sister in Christ, were created for this very season of panic and worry!

That’s right, God called and drew you for works that had been prepared for you before you were ever even born (Ephesians 2:10)!

This pandemic is no surprise to God, and furthermore, He is purposeful in it all!

Amos 3:6

“Is a trumpet blown in a city, and the people are not afraid?

Does disaster come to a city, unless the Lord has done it?”

This passage makes clear that there is purpose in every great, and terrible thing.

Disaster doesn’t come unless the Lord has purposed.

In fact this whole passage in Amos speaks about all of the signs done, each with purpose:

“Do two walk together, unless they’ve agreed to meet?”

“Does the lion roar in the forest, when he has no prey?”

“Does a snare spring up from the ground, when it has taken nothing?”

Each of these, and the others he mentions, are verses that imply that ‘nothing happens without reason”

But what reason?

What could God have purposed in all of this tragedy and loss, in the fear and anxiety?

Easy. God loves us and wants us to call all the earth back to Him!

We certainly have encountered more than we can handle and that is a loud cry of God to run back to the One who can save; to run to the One who has formed us and longs to be in close fellowship with us.

Let those who have ears hear the trumpet of the Lord blowing in the city.

How different we would be, should we truly believe that “to die is gain.”

How quick we’d be to help a neighbor who is elderly, rather than hiding at home, wasting the ministry.

How impactful the testimony, as everyone cries in worry of what’s to come, should we be able to tell them.

Let’s not be afraid, rather, send out the message everywhere, that God is calling us all to repentance and rest.

He is revealing who He is.

He shows devastation, that we might give warning and save others from a far worse fate than COVID-19!

Many are sick, and some are perishing.

If you and I do not make use of this time, The blood of those dying will be on our heads.

Both sinner and saint should be awakened from our daily slumber and charge into the wildness going on with eyes set undistracted by the world around us.

While many sit and hide in fear, I have found a new fiery zeal and boldness to stand in the middle of the mess, proclaiming the coming of Christ!

I do not see scary times ahead, I see the redemption of many men and women as eyes are finally opened to the truth of the gospel!

What exciting times for we ministers of reconciliation!!

To this you were called.

This is what you were created for.

It’s your time!

Sound the alarm!

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are…hiding in fear!


My name is Adam Casey. I am a counselor at a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in North Alabama. Day after day, for hours at a time, I am sitting with men who have seen (and done) some terrible things. Through these counseling sessions, personal struggles, and teaching classes on how Christ is the answer to recovery and reconciliation, many revelatory epiphanies have emerged. All of which are what inspire this blog. I am fully aware of my depravity and certain ability for flaw so make sure to test everything you read here with the word of God. Also, feel free to  write and respond. I love your feedback.

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